Shailesh Kumar Acharya

Operation Manager

Academic Qualifications

Shailesh completed his Master’s degree in Social Science from Tribhuvan University Nepal. He started his early career in retails and gained experience ranging from customer service to shift manager. He has completed a Diploma in Computer Studies and a basic course on Global Information System.

Professional Experience

He started his social career in 2009 as a program supervisor in a Non-Government Organization called MADE Nepal. From July 2009 to December 2011 he worked in a project funded by World Bank and IFAD run under the Poverty Alleviation Fund. During that period, he supported the social immobilizers in community mobilization and community proposal preparation along with engaging smallholders’ farmer’s in different livelihood activities and institutionalize them as co-operatives.

From January 2012 to October 2016 he worked as a project coordinator in a project funded by World Bank and IFAD run under the Poverty Alleviation Fund. During that period, he was involved in subproject proposal development of different farmers groups and also conducted social and economic assessments along with environment safeguard assessments.

From October 2016 to December 2017 he worked as a program officer under the project funded by CCS Italy. During that period, he supported school children and their families for better livelihood so the child can attend the school and get better education. He also helped in construction of five school canteen rooms so the children can have breakfast during the school period.

From January 2018 to December 2019 he worked as a program officer under the project funded by Action Against Hunger where he supported poor families of under nourished children to adopt different agricultural activities.

From 2020 January till now, he has been working as a Team leader with Action Against Hunger funded project where he is supporting schools and communities in accessing pure drinking water and been involved in different construction-related work along with hygiene promotion in Schools.

He has been involved with Carbon Farmers of Australia to study the Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative and tour study of farmers in India. A study on developing a water credit project in sugarcane is also currently under study which is postponed for the moment due to the ongoing tension between the government and sugarcane farmers regarding the payments.

He also has been involved with Carbon Farmers of Australia in Agroforestry project development and has been involved on a part-time basis for the project design and study.

Major Professional Skills

During his 11 years of professional career in the social sector, he has specialized in project management skills and has also worked with different international donors. He also has vast experience in project design and proposal writing for different donors as well as maintaining a good relationship with them. Besides that, he has gained experience in the governance part of nonprofit organizations along with legal aspects and donor compliances.

Major Training Received

  • Social mobilization training
  • Quantum Global Information System training
  • Proposal writing training
  • Advocacy and ESC rights training.
  • Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) training
  • Entrepreneurship development training
  • Leadership development training
  • Organization capacity assessment training
  • Climate-smart soil and land management
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Climate Mitigation Initiatives
  • Introduction to Results-Based Climate Finance (RBCF)
  • Engaging Citizens in the Audit Process: A New Frontier in Public Financial Management
  • Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP)
  • Introduction to Post-disaster Need Assessment (PDNA)