About Carbon Farmers of Nepal

Increasing income and food security for Nepali farmers

Carbon Farmers of Nepal (CFN) is a sister company working in partnership with Carbon Farmers of Australia (CFA). We meet with villages and communities, teaching about and helping to implement regenerative agricultural practices and carbon farming. Also, working under the Gold Standard, CFN have been promoting Moringa based agroforestry in Nepal.


There are three main benefits of Moringa for a carbon sequestration project:

  • the Moringa is one of the most nutrient-dense plants on the planet
  • farmers can get good value for Moringa products – helping low-income farmers with a better livelihood
  • Moringa are very fast growing trees

The Gold Standard leads to Carbon Credits for Agroforestry that can be sold in the Voluntary Markets and the Moringa Tree brings multiple benefits to Nepal and beyond. Farmers with very small holdings have challenges. However, they are embracing the opportunity and setting up their own nurseries. A project will give those Farmers a Carbon Income for over 25 years – whilst providing food and other products as well.


Ramji Prasad Bhattarai

Director, Carbon Farmers of Nepal

Academic Qualifications

  • M. Sc. Ag. in Plant Breeding from Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU), Chitwan Nepal in 2016 with Grade Point Average- 3.7 (4.00 basis)
  • M.A. in Rural Development at Central Department of Rural Development, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal (Academic: Year 2009-2010)
  • BSc Agriculture at Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, Rampur, Chitwan, Tribhuvan University, Rampur, Chitwan, Nepal. (Completed Year – 1997): (Four Academic year; Elective – Plant Breeding)
  • I Sc Agriculture at Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, Paklihawa College, Tribhuvan University, Rampur, Chitwan, Nepal. (1990-1992).

Louisa Kiely

Director, Carbon Farmers of Australia

Louisa co-founded the Carbon Coalition Against Global Warming in February 2006 to lobby for the right of Australian landholders to trade on the emissions offset market the credits they can earn by sequestering carbon in their soils. She has since traveled throughout Australia and the world, meeting scientists and farmers and spreading the word about Carbon Farming.

As co-founder of Carbon Farmers of Australia, she organized and ran the world’s first Carbon Farming Conference & Expo in November 2007. 2019 marked the 9th National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo, the biggest yet with delegates from every state in Australia and from all over the world.

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Shailesh Acharya

Operation Manager

Shailesh completed his Master’s degree in Social Science from Tribhuvan University Nepal. He started his early career in retails and gained experience ranging from customer service to shift manager. He has completed a Diploma in Computer Studies and a basic course on Global Information System.

He has been involved with Carbon Farmers of Australia to study the Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative and tour study of farmers in India. A study on developing a water credit project in sugarcane is also currently under study which is postponed for the moment due to the ongoing tension between the government and sugarcane farmers regarding the payments.

He also has been involved with Carbon Farmers of Australia in Agroforestry project development and has been involved on a part-time basis for the project design and study.


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Dr Kalpana Pudasaini

Lecturer and Carbon Research Scientist

Dr Pudasaini is a Lecturer at CQUniversity Australia and Managing Director of the Smart Carbon Solutions, an Australian business organisation. Dr Pudasaini is also working with the Carbon Farmers of Australia as a Research Scientist. She has extensive research and professional experience in various carbon standards and methods, project development, GIS and mapping, soil carbon and nutrient management, research and development, and sustainable agricultural development.


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